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About City Point

Established in the April 2001, City Point Renovation was one of the company in renovation industry. Over the years, the company grew and expanded to become CITY POINT SOLUTIONS SDN BHD in 2012. It was a specialist & expertise in cleanroom panel & cleanroom door/window by providing high quality services at competitive prices throughout the nation.

CITY POINT SOLUTIONS SDN BHD (CPS) offers the best possible combination of features, panel sizes, different surface materials and price advantage. Each can be custom-made with varying core insulation thickness and surface materials to suit any cold room, freezer and clean room applications.

CITY POINT SOLUTIONS SDN BHD (CPS) initial business development covers the integration of engineering work on cleanroom system. As a specialist of designing and building the operational cleanroom in many years, customer satisfaction has always been at the heart of our strategy. CPS always ensure strict compliance with the local and international standards for clean air, and statistics the condition of clean environment by preventing contamination.

CITY POINT SOLUTIONS SDN BHD (CPS) provides full range of services and manafe each project from studies and design, through manufacturing and installation to maintenance and after – sales.

Market Sector Served

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Hospital System

City_Point-About-Industry_Icons_Pharmaceutical Industry gradient

Pharmaceutical Industry

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Health Care Industry

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Food & Cosmetic Industry

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Research Lab Industry

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Semi-Conductor Industry

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Microelectronics Industry


CITY POINT SOLUTIONS SDN BHD (CPS) gives you the best deal in insulation panels. This is proven by our edge over conventional materials and construction methods:

  • Excellent insulation properties against both heat and cold
  • Light but strong and durable
  • Dimensional stability against humidity and water resistant
  • Can be manufactured to any size and with different types of surface materials
  • High quality product at a competitive price

Our commitment is to excel and strive for the customer satisfaction as our top most priority.

Our services will not only meet the client’s needs but exceeds the client’s expectations.


  • Quality Assurance
  • Timely Delivery
  • Safe working environment
  • Cost effective
  • Customer satisfactory