City Point Solutions Sdn Bhd supply & install few type of panels under strict set of quality control systems.

The below mention type of panel are excellent in heat insulation, sound absorption and fire resistance and etc. They minimize the heat transfer and improve the efficiency of the cooling system in a clean room.

We supply many types of insulation panels generally known as sandwich panels such as:

  • Polyurethane Panel (PU)
  • Polystyrene Panel (EPS)
  • Polyisocyanurate Panel (PIR)
  • Alumimium Honeycomb Panel
  • Paper Honeycomb Panel
  • Rockwool Panel

Panel sandwiched by many types of external facings such as :

  • Prepainted galvanized steel (colourbond)
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminium flat sheet
  • Aluminium foil paper
  • UAC cement sheet
  • Cemboard
  • Plywood
  • Superior fire resistance (Class “O”)
  • Stronger parallel compression strength
  • Light Weight & hight intensity
  • Execellent weather & high-temperature
  • Excellent Sound Insulation
  • Excellent Heat Insulation
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Cost effectiveness

Dimension : 1160 mm width x any desired length

Thickness :  50 mm / 75 mm / 100 mm / 125 mm / 150 mm

Joints : Tongue & Gloove Type

Skin : 0.50 mm thick painted galvanized steel exterior and interior facers

Widely used in cleanroom as non-force bearing wall, roof, ceiling and as bearing wall in prefabricated buildings. The fields range from electronics to semi-conductor, pharmaceutical, bio-tech and food processing etc.

Wall and ceiling panels can be apply to purifying & cleanroom, combined house, building top attachment, indoor partition, automobile painting room, civil building for medicine, electronics, especially suitable for high requirement on the sound & fire insulation project.

Cleanroom Wall Panel System