Raised access floors are used to maintain laminar flow from a Filtered ceiling directly down to the floor as well as a method of accessing services to equipment.

Perforated panels are available in a wide variety of hole configurations and sizes. These panels enable you to achieve air volume and pressure differential requirements through damperless regulation of the airflow.

This product is made of quality steel plate, which is stretched forming, point welded and plastic sprayed with bubble cement filler filled in its inner cavity. The fire-resistant decoration plates that can endure high temperature adhere to its surface with conductive chips embedded around it.

Benefits : –

  • Designed to provide superior airflow
  • Fully compatible with solid panels
  • Can be dampered to regulate airflow
  • Available in a variety of coatings
  • Anti-static, dust-proof, anti-skid, anti-rust, anti-corrosion