Model CPS DH400
Products Name CPS Rising Door Hinge
Description Rising Door Hinge
Material Stainless Steel
Finishing SS Finishing
Application Swing Door
Dimension 102mm x 76mm

Features :

  • Rising Door Hinge in Left or Right Hand options
  • Suitable for internal or external doors that need to self close
  • As the door is opened the door rides up the spiral knuckle raising the door as it opens
  • When the door is released the weight of the door combined with the bevel on the hinged joint causes the door to close by itself in the majority of cases, although this action is not entirely reliable
  • They are available as either clockwise and anticlockwise types
    Clockwise rising butt hinges are used where the hinges are on the right of the door and the door opens towards you
    Anticlockwise when the hinges are on the left